About Passbook

The Passbook app was rolled out with Apple's release of iOS 6. With Passbook, users of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can store mobile event tickets, boarding passes, retail coupons and any other barcode passes in one place.

Activating Passbook for Your Events

There is no additional activation or setup process for events that already have mobile ticket delivery enabled as an option.

Scanning Passbook Tickets

We use the same 2D QR barcodes in the Passbook app that we use for all of our mobile tickets. This means that you can scan these tickets just the same as any other BrightStar barcodes.

Downloading Your Passbook Tickets

When you purchase tickets and select mobile ticket delivery, you'll receive a text message within a few minutes (sent to the number you used during the checkout process). If you have the appropriate software on your device, your device will display a splash page with a link to open the ticket in Passbook. Add the ticket to your Passbook to store it until the day of the event.

You will receive a notification on your home screen on the day of the event, along with another notification when you're physically near the venue (if you have Location Services enabled).