About Bundles

A bundle is often a group of tickets for the same event sold together as a single item in a transaction. Bundles can also include products (e.g., merchandise) sold with tickets as a single item.

 Bundles are different from event packages in that packages are groups of tickets to multiple events sold together. (See Create an Event Package for information on packages.)

(Please note: This feature is not available for all members. If you are interested in creating event packages, contact your Account Manager or email clients@brightstarevents.net.)

Creating a New Bundle

Bundles are created during Step 2: Pricing of the event setup process.


Adding a Bundle

On Step 2: Pricing of the event creation process, you first need to create all price levels to be included in the bundle. Click Add a Bundle to add groups of event tickets to be sold together as an individual package. Then, you'll need to enter details about the bundle.

  • Bundle Name. Enter the name of the bundle. This name is visible to customers.
  • Description. Enter any brief, additional details about the bundle.
  • Limit. Enter the maximum number of bundles of this type that can be purchased in a single order.
  • Inventory. Enter the total amount of bundles available to be purchased.
  • Active. Select whether this price level is currently available.
  • Multiple Ticket Holders. Select whether to allow individual ticket holders for each ticket in the order or to assign the entire bundle to the primary ticket holder placing the order.
  • Click Next.
  • Select which tickets and the quantity of each to be added to the bundle (e.g., 5 GA tickets with 1 bottle service ticket).
  • Click Next.
  • The final page reviews the total costs of each price level as well as a final (face value) total for the entire bundle. If you would like to offer a special price for the bundle, enter the new price in the Discounted Price section. The service fees are displayed adjacent to these prices.
  • Click Submit to save the bundle.
  • Repeat the steps to create any other bundles (packages) to list on your event package page.

Managing Bundles

By default, these bundles appear on the page in the order they were created. To edit the order of the bundles on the page, click Edit on the bundle you would like to appear at the bottom of the list. Save the bundle again — you don't have to actually edit anything — and repeat the process for the bundle you would like to appear above the last one.