Finding Customer Information

Please note: This article is intended for event organizers to assist their customers. If you have purchased tickets from BrightStar and want to know how to edit your own information, please refer to this guide (ADD HYPERLINK).

Customer information can be located in two ways. You can click the Customers section and enter the customer's name in the search bar provided, or you can use the Quick Search from the top left of any page in the Admin. Once you have located the customer in the list, click the person's name to access their information.

Customer Info Page

The left column of each Customer Info page displays the customer's name, address, phone number and email address. Each field can be edited by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the information.

The text box below the customer information can be used to make notes about the customer, which will added to the Customer Info page for future reference when saved.

Resend a customer's password by clicking the Resend Customer Password button at the top of the table on the right.

The Sales table displays information about every order associated with this particular customer. You can see a basic set of information on this page, including the Sale ID, the date of the sale, a summary of the event and tickets purchased, a confirmation ID, and the total amount of the sale.

To see more details about a specific sale, click the Sale ID to visit the Sale Details page. (For more information, see the Sale Details article.)