About Sale Details

Please note: This article is intended for event organizers to assist their customers. If you have purchased tickets from BrightStar and want to know how to edit your own information, please refer to this guide (ADD HYPERLINK). 

Each Sale Details page displays a comprehensive overview of pertinent information regarding the transaction. 

The following information is displayed in the left column:

  • Sale ID. The identifying number of the sale.
  • Member Name. The name of the person under whom the tickets are saved in our system. This is the identity of the person who can sign on to My Tickets to edit their ticket information.
  • Customer Name. The name of the person found on the order.
  • Email on Order. The email address used to purchase and deliver the tickets.
  • Confirmation Number. The number given to the customer for the purpose of identifying the transaction.
  • Sale Date. The date and time on which the order was processed.
  • Payment Method. The customer's payment method (credit card, etc.).
  • Sale Capture Method. The medium used to process the order (online, box office, etc.).
  • IP Address. The IP address of the computer used by the customer when the order was placed.
  • Total. The total cost of the order (along with totals per delivery method).
  • Delivery Method. The available delivery methods are listed with the totals ascribed to each.

Tickets and Other Options

Ticket Details

The main right column of each Sale Details page displays all of the information about the tickets on the order, as well as some additional options and info. You can edit the names on these tickets by clicking the Edit Names button, and you can see additional information about each individual ticket by clicking on the Barcode number. The following information is displayed for each ticket:

  • Name on Ticket. The name of the person appearing on the physical ticket.
  • Barcode. The identifying barcode associated with the ticket.
  • Event. The event for which the ticket was purchased.
  • Level. The price level associated with the ticket.
  • Price. The face value of the ticket.
  • Service Fee. The service fee applied to the ticket purchase.

Questions and Answers

Below the ticket details, you will find a table displaying any questions and responses associated with the order. You can edit the customer's responses at any time by clicking the Edit Responses button.

Other Options

At the top of the right column, you can find several buttons to help you manage the sale. Certain options will only appear with special account permissions — please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions about these additional features.

  • Swap Tickets. Exchange a ticket for a ticket of the same value.
  • Resend Receipt. Deliver another receipt to the customer's email address on file.
  • View / Print Tickets. Open a PDF (or series of PDFs) displaying the tickets.
  • Print Thermal Tickets. Print the tickets with a connected Boca printer. (Requires permission.)
  • Print Thermal Receipt. Print a receipt with a connected Boca printer. (Requires permission.)
  • Cancel Order. Void this transaction.
  • Refund Order. Process a refund for this transaction.
  • Change Delivery Method. Edit the delivery method for the tickets. (Requires permission.)