After completing an order, you will be presented with a Receipt Page.

Confirmation ID. The Confirmation ID is a unique sequence of letters and numbers that are unique to a specific order. If a customer has questions about their tickets, the Confirmation ID is the best way to reference the order.

Sale Details. All of the details associated with the sale, including Sale ID, Ticket Holder Name, Sale Date, Payment Method, Capture Method, and Delivery Method.

Order Details and Totals. An overview of the ticket quantity and type and a breakdown of charges, including Donation amount if applicable, Coupon/Discount details if applicable, Delivery Fee, Service Fee and the Total Cost of the order.

Ticket/Receipt Options There are several options available for ticket printing and/or ticket and receipt delivery.

  • Print Receipt. Print your customer’s receipt to any standard printer.
  • Print Thermal. Print your customer’s ticket(s) and receipt to a thermal ticket printer, like a Boca. (Note: Before printing be sure that the settings are set up in your account. Please reach out to Support at for assistance.)
  • Print Thermal Receipt. Print your customer's receipt to a thermal ticket printer, like a Boca.
  • Open Tickets. Open your customer’s ticket(s) in a new tab to be viewed and/or printed.
  • Send Email. Send an email to your customer that includes a receipt, as well as a link to view and print their tickets from any standard printer.
  • Check-in Patron. Check the customer into the event, marking the barcode(s) associated with their ticket(s) as being Scanned In.
  • Fulfill. Changes the fulfillment status to fulfilled on the ticket. This is typically only used with onsite fulfillment.

Note: Fulfill and Thermal printing options need to be turned on by Client Support. Please reach out to to have these features enabled.

To return to the event for which you just processed an order, click the Back to Event button below the order total.

To return to your view of all Upcoming Events, click the Back to Events button in the bottom right corner or on the New Event button above the Ticket / Receipt Options.