Summary Exports are pre-built reports that originate from certain specific client requests. They are not customizable beyond the fields that are shown when running each report. You can generally select events and sale date range only, although some do offer other options like user.

This is simply a list of the reports available to you with a brief description of each. You can access Summary Exports from the Reports tab and then selecting Summary Exports from the report options.

Additional Fees and Manual Discounts

  • A breakdown of all orders with additional fees and manual discounts.

Admission by Event

  • A breakdown of scan data.

Box Office User Sales by Card

  • All box office sales by user, including revenue and payment method

Box Office User Sales by Price Level

  • All box office sales by user, including tickets and revenue.

Bundles by Capture Method

  • A list of price levels including associated bundles.

Coupon Usage

  • A breakdown of coupon codes used, including usage by price level and total usage.

Custom Question

  • Individual customer responses to custom questions.

Customers by Registration Date

  • All customer contact information, including opt-in status for promotional emails.

Event Audit

  • A comprehensive financial report of your events.

Event Inventory

  • An overview of your ticket inventory by event. Includes held and reserved tickets, as well as venue capacity.

Event Totals by Venue

  • An event-by-event overview of ticket sales by venue. Includes totals per venue.

Orders by User & Payment Method (Box Office)

  • All box office sales, including tickets, transactions, and revenue.

Organization Invoice

  • A comprehensive financial report by online vs. box office sales.

Presale Usage by Event

  • An event-by-event overview of presale coupon code usage.


  • All refunds. Only includes refunded amounts.

Ticket Sales by Capture Method

  • A summary of sales organized by capture method (online, box office, etc.).

Tickets & Revenue by Price Level or Section

  • An overview of tickets sold and revenue by payment method.

Tickets Sold by Event Per Member

  • An overview of sales associated with members.

Tickets Sold by Date vs. All Time

  • An overview of day-by-day sales for all dates selected.

Tickets by Channel

  • An overview of tickets and revenue by sales channel (desktop, mobile, box office, etc.).

Tickets with Questions & Answers

  • Customer information by ticket including responses to custom questions.

Tracking Tags

  • An overview of sales associated with tracking tags.

Tracking Tags by Date

  • An overview of tracking tags with associated sales by date.

Transactions by Price Level & Section

  • An overview of transactions across price levels and seating sections.